The Corporate Armor

The Corporate Armor: God's Design for the Victorious Church

On a flight across the Pacific Ocean, I suddenly heard the Lord say, “I want to talk with you about the armor of God.” What I heard next from Holy Spirit was something I had never thought or heard before.
“Since the letter to the Ephesians is a corporate book to the church in Ephesus, why is the armor always taught as for individuals? Should it not be understood for the corporate body as well?”
Now that got my attention!
For the last several years, I have meditated, prayed, studied, researched, inquired, pondered and waited to get clear direction and confirmation that this was a valid and needful revelation.
The first time I taught this in our local kingdom center, something amazing happened. The corporate armor was activated and we moved into a new place of enjoying the corporate protection of the Lord as a body and as individuals. Let me share this with you!

By: Jacquie Tyre