The Mighty Sound

The Mighty Sound: How God is Preparing People Today with His Sound Through the Shofar

When I reflect on how God's people have used the ram's horn shofar, I am reminded that it is truly "God Tough." 

It doesn't look like a smart bomb or a weapon of mass destruction, yet it was used to route a two hundred thousand man army in a day. No Wall Street hedge fund manager would ever refer to the shofar as a "financial instrument," yet its sound has changed the fortunes of nations. I know of no surgical operating room that includes the shofar as a piece of its valuable equipment, though the shofar sound can raise the dead. There are many preachers who would rather people hear their voice than the sound of the shofar, even though the Lord himself is described as having a voice "like a loud trumpet" (Revelation 1:10). No Marine band ever announces an important leader or dignitary with the shofar blast yet, it always blows before the Ancient of Days arrives. The shofar is strange and it works! 

By: Allen Faubion