The Prayer Saturated Church

The Prayer-Saturated Church: A Comprehensive Handbook for Prayer Leaders

Imagine What God Could Do With A Church Moving Powerfully In Prayer.

Your Church Could Become The Spirit-Transforming,Life-Giving Congregation God Wants It To Be.

More and more churches are recognizing the importance of prayer for life and power in the church. But making prayer more foundational is a challenging task for pastors and prayer leaders. The Prayer-Saturated Church provides all the step-by-step, practical help any pastor or prayer leader needs to mobilize, organize, and motivate believers to make their church a house of prayer.

Written by a veteran prayer leader with years of hands-on experience in local church prayer, The Prayer-Saturated Church will enable any church -- no matter what the size -- to take prayer to the next level and saturate its ministry in prayer.

Read it, apply its tools and principles, and watch your church grow exponentially in impact, effectiveness, and spiritual power.

"I know of nothing that even remotely compares to The Prayer-Saturated Church. It is rare indeed when something so practical is communicated with such passion and depth. Simply stated, it is the most thorough and well-written book I have seen on how to establish a prayer ministry in your local church. Apply its wisdom, and you will succeed in this all-important endeavor." - Dutch Sheets

By: Cheryl Sacks