Rosh Chodesh, The Lost Celebration of First Fruits

In God’s cycle of life He not only gave his people aweekly celebration (Sabbath), and a set ofyearly appointed times (the feasts), but he also gave amonthly feast: "Rosh Chodesh!”  Rosh Chodesh means "Head of the Month” and is a joyful celebration to the Lord on the first day of each month.  Rosh Chodesh is an expression of the "firstfruits” principle which is a major key to living in the favor and prosperity of God!  This single CD teaching by Robert Heidler provides incredible revelation on the significance and blessings of Firstfruits, how to give a Firstfruits offering, how a Firstfruits offering differs from a tithe, and why the Rosh Chodesh celebration is still important for us today.