The King's Signet Ring

The King's Signet Ring: Understanding the Significance of God's Covenant with You

The Ring of Authority for a New Era

Throughout history, the signet ring has been a symbol of authority, sealing covenants and sanctioning decrees. And today the most powerful, authoritative signet ring is still operating in the world: you.

Believer, as a son or daughter of the King of kings, you carry His authority, power and covenant promises with you wherever you go. Through eye-opening biblical insights, spiritual leaders Chuck Pierce and Alemu Beeftu help you fully grasp and step into this life-changing Kingdom role. 

You are part of a chosen people--a living signet ring--entrusted with the plans and purposes of the King. You can walk confidently in His authority, unleashing the hope, blessings and answers this world so desperately needs.