The Center for Advancement: History's First Alphabet

Hebrew is a complete language in the sense that its characters "speak” through both form/picture and sound. The Lord used this language to cut covenant with Abraham, the Hebrew. The word for "Hebrew",abar, means "to pass or cross over". Having some understanding of Hebrew gives us revelation over how to cross over from season to season in the blessings of the covenant we have been grafted into. As children of God, through the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, we have been grafted into Abraham's covenant, and already have built within us the ability to cross over.

Once we know how God speaks through this language and numbering system, we can gain great insights in many areas! His language activates spiritual power within us to make a shift at strategic times.

Allow this class on History's First Alphabet to aid you in gaining a foundational understanding of Hebrew letters and numbers so that you will be able to speak and see in ways you have not been able to do before!

Speakers Include: Chuck Pierce and Robert Heidler.