Passover 5784

Passover 5784: Gaining Access to Your Future!

April 26 - April 28, 2024

We are a people who cross over! Crossing over is a defining characteristic of everyone grafted into the covenant of God, and our Passover 5784 Celebration was a historic time of gaining access to our future.The incredible worship, prophetic release, and redemptive activation from each of these sessions will help you establish a memorial for your harvest!

Chuck Pierce: To Enter Into Harvest, Keep Following the Procession of God’s Glory!
Venner Alston: Releasing the Anointings for “As Soon As, Until, and Suddenly!”

Sean Feucht: A Night of Revelation, Activation, and Joy!

Chuck Pierce: Establishing a Memorial for Your Harvest!

Arleen Westerhof: A Season of Pioneering Again! 

Kent Mattox: Crossing Over Into a New Authority … New Weapons of War in 5784!

James Goll: Spiritual Warfare Done God’s Way … an Experience of Worship Warfare!

Isaac Pitre: Overcoming Unbelief to Enter Into the Promise!

Chuck Pierce: Passing Over With Worship and Prophecy!


Plus, additional online-only messages from:


Dutch Sheets: Passover - Judging His Enemies and Delivering His People!

Tom Hamon: Passover, an Amazing Grace Release!andJane Hamon: Passover, a Turn Around Breakthrough Season!

John Price: Sweating Blood and Submitting Your Will to the Father!and Sheryl Price: A Season to Be Saturated With All God Has for You!

Joshua Giles: Your Appointed Time!

Robert Heidler: Gaining Access to Your Future ... Overcoming the Enemy by God's Power, by the Blood of the Lamb, and the Wind!

Chris Reed: Passover and the Significance of the Barley Harvest!


You have a door of promise with harvest on the other side.  Keep advancing from feast to feast and enter into harvest being led by His glory!