Pentecost 5784

Pentecost 5784: A Shavuot Celebration!

June 8 - 9, 2024

Special Price $25 (Reg. $35)

Pentecost is a Firstfruits feast about harvesting everything around you!  This is an appointed time for the heavens to open and pour out God’s provision and for you to recognize His presence on your path.  We serve a covenant-keeping God, and He has a covenant journey that will lead you to prosper.  Although we don’t choose how and where Holy Spirit manifests, we can welcome His movement and honor His outpouring. Our Pentecost 5784 Celebration was an incredible offering to the Lord – honoring our Abundant Provider. These sessions will help you open your heart and allow Holy Spirit to overwhelm you. 


Robert Heidler: Welcoming a Visitation of the Holy Spirit!
Venner Alston: Aligning Your Expectations for a NOW Harvest at Pentecost 5784!

A Corporate Offering of Remembrance!

Chuck Pierce: You Are Called to Prosper!


You are called to prosper in the boundaries that God has set for you! Receive the provision of Holy Spirit empowerment to continue harvesting from feast to feast!