Head of the Year 5782

Head of the Year 5782: Building the House for the Future!

September 10-12, 2021

The freedom, creativity and building revelation released at Head of the Year 5782 aligned an unstoppable Kingdom troop!  The dance expressions, worship, prophecies and blueprints that came forth pressed us into the anointing for the year ahead.  After a year when the Lord pulled us aside, we are now being sent forth to build the house for our future.  You are a house for His glory, and He desires to be at home in you and then expressed to the world around you.  Each of these sessions will develop your expectation for building the house for harvest.

Chuck Pierce: Kingdom Harvest Alliance: A New Wineskin for Harvest!
Dutch Sheets: Reigniting the Fire of God in Hearts for Supernatural Revival!
*First Nations Worship: Setting the Order of Alignment
Chuck Pierce: Building the House for Harvest!

Kim Maas: Navigating a Season of Violence With Kingdom Violence!
Mondo De La Vega: Discerning the Times and Stepping into Crises!
*Misty Edwards: A Psalmist Ascending in Prophetic Worship
Daniel Pierce:
Restoration, Building and Inheritance!
Amber Pierce: Alignment for Building!

Robert Heidler: Head of the Year 5782 … Building the House for the Future!
Mike Jacobs:A Year of Super Abundant Harvest!
Cindy Jacobs: Upheaval to Upgrade, Glory to Glory!

Isaac Pitre: How to Build for the Future!


This is your time to war to enter into your rest so you can build the house of your future.  Surround and secure your boundaries so “sons and daughters” will be added to your inheritance!

First Nations Worship and Misty Edwards sessions included in DVD set only