Head of the Year 5783 - Pre-order

Head of the Year 5783: The War for Divine Recovery

September 23-25, 2022

The new Hebrew year 5783 will be a time to war for divine recovery! To recover means to recuperate or regain what has been lost or taken or to regain your health and get well. As we prepare to celebrate next weekend, here are seven key issues for you to decree as you align with the King in the battlefield. You may have lost in one season, but decree this is the time:

  1. To save yourself from falling, slipping, or being betrayed
  2. To regain or reclaim land or substances from waste
  3. To retrieve a person from a bad state
  4. To get back by judgment
  5. To return to a balance from weakness
  6. To cover again
  7. To reclaim or demand or decree that restoration of a thing will begin

Sessions Include: Chuck Pierce, First Nation leaders, Kent Mattox, Venner Alston, Misty Edwards, Daniel & Amber Pierce, Isaac Pitre, Robert Heidler and others.


Pre-order price $35 (reg. $50)