Unlocking Triumph

We are moving into days of great conflict. God’s people were always meant to prevail at the gates of hell. To do that, we must unlock the sound of overcoming. This recording project from Glory of Zion International Worship is helping unlock the sound of Heaven for today that will cause us to triumph in days ahead.


1. His Eye is On the Sparrow
2. Diamonds
3. Joy
4. We All Praise Yah
5. I Know Who I Am
6. Go Up Again 
7. Unlock, Cut Off
8. Watchmen Arise
9. Highways (Spontaneous)
10. The Faith of the Troops (Spontaneous)
11. The Stormy Banks of the Jordan
12. I Will Run
13. Here We Are (Spontaneous)
14. I Will Run (Reprise)
15. Higher Ground (Spontaneous)
16. The Blood Speaks
17. You Overcame