Over the Dead of the Desert

Born in intercession for God's covenant Land and people, this album by Martin Sarvis releases a sound to stir the waters for Zion--"until she becomes a praise in all the earth"! 


      1. Introduction Psalm 63:1; Isaiah 41:17-20
      2. Fertile Ground
      3. There Will Never Be
      4. Lament in D Minor (Spontaneous)
      5. I Will Ask for Mercy
      6. Holy is He
      7. To the Chief Musician (Spontaneous)
      8. For Jerusalem: The Lord Himself will be a Wall of Fire Around Jerusalem
      9. May there be Peace within Your Walls; The Lord Himself (Reprise)
      10. I Bow My Knee
      11. Love Song (Spontaneous)
      12. Run to You
      13. O Give Thanks to the Lord