Starting the Year Off Right 2023

Starting the Year Off Right 2023: Becoming A New Sharp Threshing Instrument!

December 31, 2022 - January 8, 2023

In every new year, we need to know the identity we are wearing and portraying.  Starting the Year Off Right 2023was an amazing journey of allowing the Lord to develop us into a new, sharp threshing instrument with teeth.  Each session activated us as a troop arising to speak forth and thresh down our enemies!  All the incredible worship, revelation, daily meditations, and prophetic charges from these anointed ministers fashioned us as an overcoming weapon sent forth by the Spirit of the Lord:

Chuck Pierce: Ending the Old Year Right!
Chuck Pierce: Disciplines for Maintaining and Recovering Your Spiritual Life!
Robert Heidler: Getting Ready for the Harvest … Becoming a New, Sharp Threshing Instrument!

Mike & Cindy Jacobs: Preparing a Table for Glory!
Joshua Giles: The Ox and Eagle Anointings for 2023!
Isaac Pitre: The Return of the gods …  the Revelation of the sons of God!
A New Sound of Worship from the First Nations of this Land*
Daniel & Amber Pierce: The War Over Inheritance!
Venner Alston: A Year of Interruptions and Choices!
Saundra Dalton-Smith: The Power of Rest for Divine Recovery!
Malik Edwards: The Year of the Greater Flow!
Tom & Jane Hamon: A Psalm 23 Decree for 2023!
Betty King: A Year of Manifestation … Removing Flies from the Ointment!
Dutch Sheets: Three Doors, Three Rooms, Three Choices … An Appeal to the Apostolic Ecclesia! 
Curt Landry: Adjust, Shift and Decree! A Hebrew Study of 3 in 5783/2023!
Kent Mattox: The Anointing … God’s Power to Overcome!
Best of 2022 Worship!*
Best of 2022 Shabbat!
2022 Prophecy Review!
Robert Heidler: A Psalm for 2023 … The Blessings of Knowing the Shepherd!


We go to war with the word that God speaks to us – and session after session of Starting the Year Off Rightestablished an arsenal of revelation to thresh down our enemies as we mature into new sharp threshing instruments with teeth.  Enter in and be activated to prevail in the battle for your portion!  

*First Nations Worship and Best of 2022 Worship not included on CD set.