A Time to Advance: The Music of the Months

There isa sound that God brings down intime with us. This album from Glory of Zion International Worship features incredible, fresh songs to help you understand the sound of each Hebraic month more clearly. 


1. Nissan - The Lion has Roared
2. Iyar - For I Am Jehovah
3. Sivan - Put Your Best Foot Forward
4. Tammuz - Shine and Be Brilliant
5. Av - The God of the Redeemed
6. Elul - The King is in the Field
7. Tishri - For His Glory (Isaiah 43)
8. Cheshvan - The Mighty One of Israel
9. Kelsey - Let it Burn
10. Tenet - Dance, Dance, Dance
11. Shevat - Today is Your Tomorrow
12. Adar - Cross That Finish Line