Descending into Triumph

You have to "GO UP" to "GO FORTH" in TRIUMPH!  This album by Glory of Zion International Worship is an awesome collection of songs to propel you into the future.  The prophetic utterances and new songs will cause your faith to come alive and give you new strength to move forward.


  1. Hear the Sound of Change (spontaneous)
  2. Return to Rest (spontaneous)
  3. Raise Your Song (spontaneous)
  4. The Sound of Change
  5. Sing Oh Barren One (Hannah’s Song)
  6. Choice to Praise (spontaneous)
  7. You Say Go (spontaneous)
  8. Strike the Doorpost
  9. I Will Sing
  10. Through Our God
  11. My Voice Will Be Heard (spontaneous)
  12. Clap Your Hands (spontaneous)
  13. Rain of Grace (spontaneous)
  14. Amazing Grace