Passover 2021

Passover 2021: The Land Ahead - Return to the Threshing Floor!


From passover to crossover to take over!  Our Passover 5781 Celebration was an incredible weekend of aligning in God’s harvest cycle of increase and blessing.  In this Passover decade, we need to pass over in a new way each year.  This is a time the Lion of the Tribe of Judah is calling us back to the Threshing Floor.  The separation and sorting that occurs there is creating a divine return where the hearts of individuals and nations are being awakened with resurrection power.  Each of these sessions will stir your faith to move forward and receive the promise ahead.  

Chuck Pierce: Breaking the Midianite Spirit!
Isaac Pitre: A Lifestyle of Passover!
First Nations Worship: Calling the Supernatural to Awaken!
Kyle Searcy: Five Seasons of Preparation for Entrance to the Promised Land!
Kent Mattox: Coming Out of the Winepress and Onto the Threshing Floor!
Amber Pierce: Obstacles to Faith!
Daniel Pierce: The Process of Joy in the War!
Blake Healey: Dream of Division vs. Discipleship!
Dutch Sheets: Three Dreams of Fire and Revival!
Robert Heidler: Passover 2021 … the New Land Ahead: Returning to the Threshing Floor!

This is your time to come out of your confined place, and thresh and secure the harvest the Lord has prepared for you in the new land ahead!