IMAGINE series

In her life-changing IMAGINE series, Dr. Barbie Breathitt boldly calls born-again Believers to partner their God-designed imagination with Holy Spirit to release the Kingdom of God within in order to manifest His all-encompassing glory. Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us (Ephesians 3:20). Our infinitely creative God has given us the capacity, capability and power to imagine, to be and to accomplish the impossible!

Volume 1: Volume I will help you understand and fully comprehend that the Spirit of Christ dwells mightily within your sanctified imagination. Discover how to supplant the carnal mindset that has limited God and the displaying of His grandeur in your life. By resting in and experiencing the presence and glory of God, you will be empowered to receive and harness His truth, divine wisdom, revelation, and supernatural faith to confidently realize, embrace and achieve your unique purpose and grand destiny in this new era!

Volume 2: God has given you a riveting new identity in this new era! Volume II inspires and imparts how to further unlock and mature your imagination to fulfill God’s purposes for your life. Discover what it is and how to shed your worldly, carnal self on how to transition into your higher IAM state of being in Christ. Advance beyond the limitations of the third dimension, and gain supernatural knowledge of the mysterious workings of the unrestrictive, four-dimensional realm of the Spirit.

Volume 3: The marvelous design and divine workings of the inspired imagination are further unveiled in this third volume. You will gain applicable spiritual understanding of how to access, unlock, and interpret the meanings of visions and dreams that God skillfully fashions within your imagination. You will discover how to access your God-given authority. You will unite with the Fire of God to believe, see, and prophesy in the NOW realm of God’s faith. Through a broadened understanding of God’s Word and clear spiritual insights into the profound power of imaginative prayer, you will be able to access the answers to your prayers that have been waiting on you to discover from the Genesis of creation. IMAGINE Volume III will equip and fully transition you into your new and glory purposed identity in Christ. Your faith in God will explode into the supernatural faith of God!

Volume 4: In this instructive and illuminating volume, you will gain divine knowledge about the healing power of the subconscious, God’s imaginative power, and creative miracles. Volume IV will challenge what you believe, see, and reason as truth and will help you identify the hindrances to having your prayers answered. God is restoring His people as One New Man! By using your sanctified imagination, you will discover how to come into agreement with God in order to effectively release your prophetic voice in this new era. You will obtain valuable instruction on how to increase, advance, and prosper for God’s kingdom purposes.

Volume 5: This fifth volume of the IMAGINE series brings the concepts learned in previous volumes full circle. Now that you have believed, beheld, and obtained your new identity, you will discover the keys to successfully maintain that identity. You will encounter God’s creative power, divine desire, godly disciplines of the imagination, and lasting growth. The time to advance is NOW! Volume V delivers sound biblical teachings of how to use your creative imagination to release and prophesy into your God-ordained destiny and the destinies of nations. You will acquire the necessary knowledge and wisdom to effectively operate, persevere, and prosper as a true Son of God and as One New Man.